Ryan is a dark grey tom with navy-blue eyes.



Never Meant To BeEdit

Ryan is assigned on a solo mission to murder a she-cat by the name of Lilywish and he goes willingly to the Gathering. As he speaks to a brown tabby, he constructs his fake identity as Stormpelt, a ThunderClan warrior. He gets frantic over finding out his new friend is Lilywish. He later on encourages Lilywish to speak up about her solution to the badger problem.

Then he decides to warn Lilywish and takes her away from WindClan and Ian and spends time with her on the hills before Ashheart spills the truth and Ryan is separated from Lilywish, now in prison for loving Lilywish.


The Right ChoiceEdit

Ryan wonders whether choosing Lilywish was right. He reflects back on his life and in a flashback, Jay asks Ryan why he would throw everything away but Ryan says Jay doesn't understand, making Jay angry. In the end, Ryan decides choosing Lilywish was the right choice.