Lilywish is a soft-furred brown tabby she-cat with beautiful green eyes.



Never Meant To BeEdit

Lilywish was first mentioned as the cat that Ryan was assigned to kill.  She later appears when Ryan is at the Gathering, and talks to Ryan for a bit, thinking he is a ThunderClan cat by the name of Stormpelt.  She comes up with a plan to kill the badger that is terrorizing ThunderClan, and Pearstar is impressed.

Later on, she is woken up by Ryan and is told some rogues want to murder her. Being gullible, Lilywish follows Ryan to the hills where Ashheart directs them. She comes to trust Ryan and shares her history with him, from when she was a kit to where she is today and listens to Ryan's made up past too.

Shortly after Ashheart comes back, The Resolutes discover them due to Ashheart spilling the beans and WindClan finds them too and the latter demands Lilywish back but the rogue group will only allow her back if her father, Stoneheart dies and Ian leaps and kills the tom. Lilywish is shoved back to her Clan, now knowing Ryan was lying to her all along. Before she is taken away, Lilywish tells Ryan she loves him and is never seen again.


The Right ChoiceEdit

Ryan constantly wonders about Lilywish and what she is up to. The she-cat never makes an appearance in this story.