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Character Art is a project that involves making art for the various characters of the NMTB Duology. This is the original idea of The Warriors Wikia so the respective credit goes to them but this version of the said project has numerous differing standards.


Leader: Wollow

Deputy: Steppy




  • If you decide to join, leave a join request in the comments. You will automatically become an apprentice and once the leader and deputy agree you have gotten experienced in the project, you may level up to a warrior
  • Reserve your images and make sure to add your date to the list
    • Make sure nobody else has claimed that image and ONLY remove the reservation once it is approved or declined
  • Only Project Leads (leader and deputy) may approve or decline images
    • Images not updated over a month are automatically declined
  • Post your images in the approval page
  • ASK before making blanks
  • Shading is required but it is artist's choice

Needed ArtEdit

  • Clan Blank
  • Resolute Blank


Name Charart Date Tweak/Redo Date
Foxstep1 N/A N/A N/A